Eco Act

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The Brief

Build the tools required for EcoAct to engage dynamically with their clients, share knowledge with a global audience and empower climate-conscious businesses.

The Challenge

When EcoAct approached us in 2017 with a set of wireframes for a new website and the urgent need for a team of experienced developers; it was a ‘yes, absolutely!’ moment for us.  We love working with businesses and charities who enact positive change whether that be for the environment, the community or even in the name of yoga..!

EcoAct are world-leading climate strategists, knowledge sharers and climate change mitigators. In other words; game-changers and innovators. We soaked up every insightful and community-driven moment of this project and were able to deliver some really simple solutions to some fairly complex issues. 

With an exciting global client base, including names such as Innocent Smoothie, WWF and L’Oreal, it was crucial that the website was tailored for the needs of both business representatives and government members as well as the general public. EcoAct has an extremely healthy appreciation for the importance of commercial performance, alongside mitigating climate change. This needed to shine through.

Another challenge that we faced was creating a site that would be fully-functional in developing countries where loading times may be slower due to weaker signal strength. A core objective for Eco-Act is equipping industries in developing regions with the information and knowledge to move straight into green tech e.g. solar, wind, and water. This meant that it was extremely important that the site could function under these often challenging load conditions.


We were able to create a multi-language website that was fast, easy to use and, importantly, optimised for use in developing countries. It may not always be possible to load and the site is able to intelligently deal with this and present itself in an optimised way. Alongside this, the mapping element of the website is designed to load extremely quickly wherever possible.