The year was 2016. It was winter. Andy, Built By Cactus’ founder, was feeling a little bit blue and uninspired. He wanted to get out and do something interesting but didn’t know how to see which activities, classes and courses were available in his local area.

So he decided to create a platform where people could find extraordinary providers; companies who love what they do and are dedicated to helping their customers have amazing experiences.

Go-do.it started with one simple mission – to help people get out of their comfort zone and do more stuff.

Go-do.it providers are some of the most passionate people on the planet. But we know that running, and growing, an extraordinary business is hard work, and that finding customers can be a time-consuming challenge. 

Go Do It is a space for local businesses to advertise themselves, sell tickets and manage their social media in one central place. Want to find out how, what, where and when? Go Do It enables you to do exactly that. Go to the website, and find out what is going on in your area and see when you can make it happen. This is about bringing businesses and consumers together in simple and effective ways.

desktop screenshot
desktop screenshot

From a seller’s perspective, we are constantly seeing businesses getting hit by costly ticketing providers and social media schedulers. Go Do It offers a range of low-cost plans for you to boost ticket sales, manage your social media and increase brand visibility.

From a consumer’s perspective, it is a wonderful way to get signed up to classes and encourage people to break the chain of inactivity and unhappiness. Go out and create something you wouldn’t normally create, or do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Feel more comfortable out in the world. Stop feeling disenfranchised. Connect to people in new ways. In order for this to happen, there needs to be a way for people to find each other easily in the community. Go Do It is an enabler; a facilitator of fun and freedom.

Go and do it, meet people and support local businesses.