When you think of InterContinental, one of the largest hoteliers in the world, you probably think of hotel rooms, concierges and urban cocktail bars; not charity work. Therefore, when Intercontinental approached us to build their ‘True Hospitality for Good’ website; a world-wide charity-orientated platform for the entire InterContinental family of employees to use; we were hugely excited.

The aim of the initiative is to enact positive local change on a global scale, leveraging IHG’s international presence as a means for doing good. In total, 1670 charities (and counting!)  have been supported by IHG’s colleagues from around the world; including WaterAid, Prince’s Trust and Goodwill and we are thrilled to have had a part to play in this global project.

Charities supported by colleagues



IHG needed a technical solution for managing their ‘True Hospitality for Good’ platform on a global scale. They needed a place where all participating colleagues could log their volunteering hours and charitable activities as well as accessing a global network of active participants.

For us, however, it was about more than creating scalable and fully-functional answers; it was about enabling thousands of individuals from across the planet to join together to action positive change.

All participating colleagues needed to be able to access the site from anywhere in the world, at any time. The functionality needed to be easy to use and quick to process from start to finish. Most importantly, the site needed to enable simple and intuitive navigation for all of the participating colleagues.

Colleagues participating




The website also needed to be able to cope with extraordinarily high levels of visitor traffic. It was our job to ensure that the site could handle this with ease. At its busiest, the site had 30,000 active users; all adding information about their charitable endeavours at the same time.

The result was a highly functional and intuitive user experience centred around a global charitable network of volunteers. Since its launch, 12,900 charitable activities have been logged, with a total of 125,086 volunteering hours logged from a total of 129,951 participating colleagues.

Hours Volunteered

125, 086