The UK Pony Racing Authority

Pony racing authority. Horse riding. Horse racing. Jockeys. Ponies.

In 2018, the PRA came galloping down the final furlong with a proposition for us:

Their website was underperforming and they needed our expertise to improve the functionality and get things up and running as quickly as possible. The PRA organises all of the pony races and rankings in the UK and all of this data is organised through the website. This meant that they needed solutions, fast.

desktop screenshot
desktop screenshot
Pony Racing Authority. Jockey. Racing. Ponies.

As the sport’s official governing body, the first priority was to get their ranking system up to scratch so that all of their data would pull into one central place. Secondly, we needed to ensure that all of the data generated by the site was perfectly accurate, every time.

After this initial fix, it was clear that the site needed a full rebuild from the ground up. Further to this, we needed to implement a way for them to clean their data quickly and easily in order to remove out of date records and link associated data together.

Key outcomes: We were able to streamline their processes and maximise efficiency by building a brand new backend using custom WordPress plugins and completely redeveloping their databases. 

The lead times were taking too long and this was the fastest way to create the custom functionality that they required.  Cleaning the old data was an important step towards keeping everything up to date.  

This new backend was delivered as part of a fully-functioning website mobile and desktop site; giving them a fresh look, cleaning the data from the old site and increasing productivity for the team through an automatic ranking system.