Silence & Noise

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The Brief

Janie, founder of Silence & Noise, approached us last year through She needed a bespoke and intuitive website which facilitated ticket sales, social media scheduling and the ability to share her stunning visual journey. Silence & Noise has an incredibly powerful offering and we couldn’t wait to get involved.

Where we came in

Silence and Noise harnesses the power of sound healing, vibrational power and yoga to boost your body’s healing and calming ability in order to help you become the happiest, most relaxed version of yourself. Yoga and sound therapy, however, is a very competitive market and we wanted to help Janie shine brighter than the rest.

The site needed to have a hyper-functional but simple user journey. Streamlining all of Janie’s current databases and systems for bookings and advertising through the website was therefore an absolute must-have. The creation of a centralised booking system for her customers gave people all of the information that they need, in one place. We also ensured that the site design is extremely visual; enabling Janie to beautifully showcase her magical journey.

Mobile interface

The facts

Following launch, Janie became the first business on the platform, where she has seen the sales of her yoga, sound and vibrational therapy classes and retreats soar.

Here are the numbers since the site was launched:

  • 100 new unique customers
  • Janie ran 10 special events through the system, eight of which sold out
  • Transferred all of the regular class bookings to the new system which has hugely streamlined the business
  • Revenue has tripled in total and increased average spend per transaction by 35%
  • It has created an extra 7 hours in Janie’s working week by not having to deal with the admin of individual transactions
  • Had only 3% tech support issues to troubleshoot

Reach has gone from 12.8k to 20.78k in 6 weeks

Impressions up by 30%

Likes increased by 50%

Over 35% of profile traffic showcasing the site converts to website clicks (and these are going up week on week)’.

Janie Everett